Canal Art Photo Competition

Working with IGers Birmingham we were delighted to open submissions to the Junction photography competition at the end of April. The competition is important for two reasons:


Firstly, we hope that  it encourages more people to go down on the canal and increase use of the waterways. There is some amazing green and very quiet space down there where you can forget you're in the city.


Secondly, the wider area is in under significant redevelopment and creating a photographic record is important to capture the area as it is in transition.  So we encourage people to use the new map - start up by Belmont Row and follow the trail over to Bordesely. The competition embraces the ephemeral visual landscape so focuses on graffiti and street art found down on the canal as a way of capturing the quirks, beauty and life down on the canal. 


The competition is open to 27 May 2019 with selected photographs being exhibited in the Junction pop up gallery over the weekend of 7 June 2019 at Centrala. The shortlisted photographs will be judged by Vanley Burke, acclaimed documentary photographer. 


Please check the T&Cs here competition area is shown on the map between 1 and 5 only.


To enter use the #igb_comp_canalart on Instagram