Hockley Flyover - using art to improve this space?

It would be great to start a conversation about the Hockley Flyover to explore the possibility of doing an arts project in this curious and under used space. 


The Hockley Flyover was built c1967 and as part of the interchange it created a large concrete open space underneath the flyover connected via a number of subways which provide pedestrian access to the surrounding streets. The landscape under the flyover is dominated by the large concrete pillars and road that create a curious place or some might say island that divides the cities from the communities in West Birmingham. 


The area is managed by Birmingham City Council and in fairness provides some challenges to keep clean. A range of complex issues have resulted in this area being neglected and not valued as part of our cities spaces. Many people probably feel worried about walking through the subways and certainly our recent trip showed that the area is really dirty - litter, poor lighting in the tunnels and the smell of urine are big problems. 


Yet amidst all this decay and concrete there is something strangely curious about this space  if only we could collectively re-imagine it to give it a brighter future? Soweto Kinch's Flyover Show has already proven that art can flourish here and it can be a place to bring people together. Street photographers and graffiti artists have also been drawn to it over the decades.  

  • We would love to hear your views on what sort of arts projects could work here?
  • What would you like to see happening in the short or medium term?
  • Can art transform it to an area that helps to connect people and the surrounding communities using?

Please share your comments here and we will use this to help us explore the options to develop an arts project(s) in this space.


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    Lee (Monday, 05 August 2019 18:05)

    I paid a vist to see the Art last week here
    not many people about but would be nice to clean it up abit
    and do some Street art more lighting is needed too
    be a great place from other side of Digbeth for people to show there
    street art off