Ghost Streets delivers projects in Birmingham and in communities across Britain.  We also work in other parts of the world on projects that connect to our lives and the cities culture.  


Our projects reflect our priorities to work with individuals, communities and organisations to create vibrant, connected and resilient communities.  We are interested in helping people to understand the past to develop shared memories of places to help us better understand each other and to celebrate the rich culture of places.


We are also interested in how art allows us to go beyond the boundaries of what we think and know to inspire change and to have social impact creating alternative visions for the future.  


We think about streets as repositories of history tangled together with the present and delivery projects that explore streets as public spaces and the art of walking them representing freedom and space. 


If you would like to work with us or just fancy a chat then this is what we like doing:

  • Design and deliver art, culture and heritage projects; 
  • Community engagement around public spaces and buildings; 
  • Digital story telling; 
  • Recording signs, buildings and places;
  • Help people to get out and walk the streets;
  • Getting creative on a photo-walks or workshop.