Hockley Flyover Project

The Hockley Flyover  is an overpass which is part of the A41 in Birmingham that crosses over the top of a unique and fascinating public space called Hockley Circus built during the late 1960s. This area has for several decades been an under used public space and its potential to be a vibrant place within the community and more widely in Birmingham not realized. 


This project aims to use art to share stories about the Hockey Flyover and engage local people to see if we can collectively re-imagining the space.


As part of this work we will use photography to document the space and in and around the Hockley Flyover which will included recording the graffiti that has been painted for decades in its subways. Due to the impact of COVID-19 our initial plans were to run this as a participatory photography project unfortunately this has had to change and the public engagement element re-designed so that people can safely take part. 


A special edition photography publication that provides a contemporary record of the Hockley Flyover will be available later this year. 


The project will include work with local artists to test out using art within the space  and engaging with the public to see if these types of interventions might help us collectively re-imagine the space.


We will use various online platforms to help people engage with the project using Thumlr blog and Instagram. Work is underway to designing a creative community engagement element to ensure safe involvement during the UK COVID-19 pandemic. 



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