Hockley Flyover Project

The Hockley Flyover  is an overpass which is part of the A41 in Birmingham that crosses over the top of a unique and fascinating public space called Hockley Circus built during the late 1960s. This area has for several decades been an under used public space and its potential to be a vibrant place within the community and more widely in Birmingham not realized. 


This project aims to use art to share stories about the Hockey Flyover and engage local people to see if we can collectively re-imagining the space.


As part of this work we will use photography to document the space and in and around the Hockley Flyover which will included recording the graffiti that has been painted for decades in its subways. Due to the impact of COVID-19 our initial plans were to run this as a participatory photography project unfortunately this has had to change and the public engagement element re-designed so that people can safely take part. 


A special edition photography publication that provides a contemporary record of the Hockley Flyover will be available free in June please subscribe below to receive a copy. 


The project will include work with local artists to test out using art within the space  and engaging with the public to see if these types of interventions might help us collectively re-imagine the space.


We will use various online platforms to help people engage with the project using Thumlr blog and Instagram see the links below. 



For updates and to register interest in the project please sign up below to our project newsletter using the link below.  

Get Involved - Hockley Art Attack

Working with Stirchley Art Room we have put together a community arts postcard activity called Hockley Art Attack connected to the theme of re-imaging the Hockley Flyover.


The postcard set calls on individuals and families to take part within the safety of your own home to get involved and creatively re-imagine some of the spaces in and around the Hockley Flyover.


The aim is to then collect all of the images together to create an online digital mural that will help give voice to trying to turn the public spaces under the flyover into place that matters to the community and that local people feel safe using.


We think art could help us transform the area what do you think? Please hit the bottom below to check it out and get involved.

If you would like more information about the Hockley Flyover project please sign up to receive project updates and receive an information to claim a fee copy of the limited edition magazine being published in June. 

Artist Interventions & Interpretations

Lockdown Yarns by Flo121

As part of our project to re-imagine the Hockley Flyover using art we asked fiber artist Flo121 to make some yarn bombs for the flyover. This is part of an art experiment to see how different forms of art might change how we feel about the space, provide opportunity for sharing positive messages and creating vibrant community public spaces.


Hit the link below to read out interview with Flo121 and see the gallery of yarn bombs installed down in the flyover.  


Read the interview here 

Serenity Wall by Tracey Thorne

During the UK lockdown in March enforced in response to the COVID-19 pandemic visual artist Tracey Thorne  photographing William Mitchell's  concrete wall during a series of reflective lock-down walks.


Presenting them as a series of cyanotypes made also during lock-down the photograms draw on the power of the colour blue - which often evokes strong emotions connected to peace, calmness, grieve and serenity. The dreariness and harshness of the grey concrete wall is re-imagined as a virtual serenity wall. 


See the Serenity Wall

Hockley Flyover Photo Magazine

The Hockley Flyover is a special edition photo magazine that features a collection of images that provide a virtual record of the spaces and life around the Hockley  flyover taken in 2020. All photographs were taken by Tracey Thorne for the project mainly during the UK COVID-19 UK lockdown in a series of walks.  


The limited edition magazine is available for free with only 45 copies available please click the link below to order a copy. 


Printed in colour 60 pages, 8.5 x 11 available by collection only or contribution towards postage. 

Order a copy here